Study Program Accounting


To create and realize higher education in the field of accounting in dynamic, progressive, and high quality manners.


  1. To nurture competent graduates well-equipped with competency and professionalism.
  2. To prepare graduates of accounting-economics major with high ability to adapt to working environment and development in science and technology.
  3. To improve the quality of lecturers to cope with the development and progress of knowledge and technology.
  4. To implement education, research, and public service in the field of accounting science.


  1. To achieve the quality of education and teaching and produce graduates with reliable competence in the field of accounting.
  2. To achieve the quality and quantity of researches to develop and apply the knowledge accounting and information technology, as well as support the development of learning process
  3. To improve public service activities in order to apply the useful knowledge in accounting and information technology and strenghten community empowerment.
  4. To ensure the optimized usage and transparency concerning facilities and infrastructure in the Faculty of Economy.
  5. To spread the cooperation network and improve the expertise of lecturers in accordance with their respective area of knowledge.

A B-Accredited major is entitled to conduct teaching and learning activities independently.

Accounting Study Program has become one of UNAS’s favorite study programs with an average new admission rate of over 350 people each year (2002-2003). Supported by the professionalism of the teaching staff and complete learning facilities, the accounting study program gives students the opportunity to choose the concentration program as follows:
Provide understanding in terms of accounting examination and analytical skills on investigative audit, electronic data process audit, financial statement audit, financial management performance, and management control system as well as control instruments in a business agency/company.
Provide understanding in terms of taxation system, taxation accounting, taxation management as well as tax audit as the particularly required capability for professions in the accounting and finance sectors.
Public sector accounting
Equip understanding of accounting in terms of analysis, formulation of planning, as well as decision making in regards to the financial system of non-profit institutions and government in line with public services.

Accounting information system
In relation to operational management, this concentrated program provides an understanding of the accounting information system (SIA), which deals with financial procedures manually or computer-based, information management system, and management support system to forge the ability to design SIA in any company.

Public Accountant, Management Accountant, Auditor, Tax Consultant, Account Control, Politician, etc. In government agencies, private companies or entrepreneurs as well as Political Parties.

144 Semester Credit Units (CREDITS)
The study period is 7 to 14 semesters.

– Regular air-conditioned room
– Student-Centered Learning Classrooms
– Centralized learning for students with multimedia and Internet facilities
– Accounting Laboratory
– Statistical Laboratory
– Computer Accounting Library
– Faculty Library
– Central Library
– Center for Research and Community Service
– Location of Faculty Secretariat: Block II lt.2