Vision and Mission

To become a prominent Faculty of Economy at the national and international level that will have offered the most dynamic, progressive, and credible higher education by 2025.

The missions set by the Faculty of Economy at UNAS are as follows:

  1. To prepare the management economy and accounting graduates with absolute competence, high integrity, and global perspective on the basis of Pancasila.
  2. To conduct education, researches, and public services by dedicating the expertises in management economics, and accounting for the greater benefit of society.
  3. To nurture graduates who possess strong ability to adapt to working environment as well as the progress of science and technology by developing and improving professionalism in management economics, science, and accounting;
  4. To improve the quality of lecturers in line with the development of science and technology by organizing continuous academic education and professions in the field of management economics and accounting for the sake of the development of knowledge and character of learners.
  5. To improve the management of facilities and infrastructure in developing academic activities in the field of management economics and accounting effectively and efficiently.